Telepathy reading other's mind

Telepathy means transmission or thoughts from one person to another person. Telepathy is through the unconscious mind other than the five sense organs. The main think that needed for telepathy is willpower. Telepathy is one of the God's greatest gift.

Mind Reading

Mind reading is a process in which a person is able to read the mind of other person using the power of mind. Mind reading is otherwise known as telepathy.
There are lots of people who do psychic reading and tarot reading in order to know the future of the people. Fortune telling and future telling are arts and had been present for many years.
One simple form of telepathy exercise is making a person call you. Concentrate on the mind the person whom you like. Try to tell the other person through mind to call you. Practise couple of days and you will be able to transmit signals to other people. It is great to read the mind of others using telepathy. With lots of practise one can be very good at reading minds of others.
Now a days there are lots of scripts and tools that helps in increasing the power of telepathy. Concentration is one of the key of increasing the power of telepathy. Meditation also helps in increasing the power of telepathy. A person should try the meditate himself to have a peaceful and calm mind.
Telepathy of the mother and children are noted to be one of the deepest and the best telepathy. When the love or affection between two individuals increases the telepathy or the ability to express the feelings and thoughts other than the five sense organs increases.


Hypnotism and telepathy are the two things that are known as parapschyic things. The hypnotism is the art of controlling a person's mind and telepathy is sending the messages or information from one person to another person. Hypnotism helps to increase the person's personality and removes the bad charachters. Self hypnotism is otherwise know as self meditation. Most people does not do meditation. Meditation helps to keep the mind calm and helps to keep a person happy. The hypnotism and telepathy depends on the willpower of a person. It is believed that we did not use the 1/1oth of the mind power God has given us. In addition to the five senses we have God has blessed with sixth sense. Sixth sense is the ability to know the future or know the things even before it happens. Telepathy is the sixth sense. Telepathy helps to read the mind of other people.
To succeed in telepathy a person should have good will power and concentration. Telepathy is like telephone conversation without wires. Telepathy should always be performed between people who like each other very much who has intimacy among each other. Greater the intimacy more will be the success of telepathy.


Affirmations are small messages that we pass to another person through our minds. When we practice by thinking a person in our mind and send message to the person most probably the person will receive. When we send more and more positive messages through telepathy by simply picturing the person positive messages are passed to the person. We can also practice self-affirmation by sending positive messages to our minds.
Meditation helps our mind to relax and calm our minds. Now a days there are lots of meditation techniques that are available that we can practice to learn meditation ourselves.
Telepathy is a state in which a person is able to read the mind of the friends or relatives. Mostly when the bounding or the love increases the person can read the mind of other more easily.
Now a days lots of equipments are available for learning hypnosis and telepathy. Lots of hypnosis and meditation mp3 are available for a person to learn hypnosis and meditation and to increase concentatration. Hypnosis is another art. Self hynposis helps to remove the bad habits such as fear, smoking, etc and the also helps to increase concentration. Meditation is good for mind. As exercise is good for body meditation is good for mind.

Practising telepathy

Telepathy requires two people a person who send message and another person who receives message. Telepathy can be practised by two people who are in the same room or by people who are in different room. Initially, it would be good to practise with people who are in the same room.
Telepathy can be practised initially with coins, colors, symbols, cards, etc. The first person should try to concentrate to send the message of the coin, card, symbols, color, etc that is hidden from the second person. The second person should try to concentrate and try to receive the message and try to guess the correct answer using the message or thought he receives. Telepathy can be achieved sucessful after lots of practise and concentration.
Information can be passed through two individuals through telepathy without any distance barrier and time.
One of the simple trick of telepathy is thinking about a person and asking him or her to call the first person. The subject has to choose the person whom he or she likes or has deep affection. Next the person has to think about the person and should convey the message through the mind to call. After few weeks of practice a person can find it sucessful. Before praticising one should pray to God and then should try to concentrate in a place where he or she is not disturbed. Meditation is one of the way to increase the willpower and also to increase the telepathy.

Telepathy in movies and cartoons.

Telepathy is used in movies and cartoons is shown as the ability by a person to read the mind of another person.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Lots of people uses various telepathy methods to tell what is in their mind to others.  When the relationship of a person improves the telepathy between the person also improves and also the ability to read the mind of others also improves.